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He eismic rchitecture and eometry of lacial rounding-one edges from reenland and orth frica, eometry and ts ossible auses ase tudy long the lank of the aeroe-hetland asin orth tlantic argin, team njection eismic onitoring xperiment in orthern lberta, eismic ttribute atabase for elective se of eismic ttributes for a iven pplication, otential for nhanced ethane roduction from oal, uccessful tory of ntegrating eological haracterization, udstone and laystone nits eals for ncient icrobial as ccumulations in the pper retaceous ilk iver ormation, tatic eservoir odeling of the alanginian epositional equence of amtoos asin, 2009 nnual onventionlick to view presentation in format.

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Eismic eomorphology and tratigraphy of oalescing lope pron in aibei epression, 3 tructural volution of the alt ontrolled rampton nticline, igital utcrop nalog for pper aleozoic arbonate lope eservoirs, nhancing the uality of eismic mpedance ata.

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Radients in ediment eochemistry as a onstraint on odeling peiric ea irculation, and the mportance of lastic ykes in the ower akken hale, he pplication of oisson mpedance nversion for andstone eservoir haracterization in the ower alang kar ormation, rucial abitat ata nline - ey to arly ite lanning, eep il lays in o alley eformation and ydrocarbon eneration in a eformed oreland, tructure of the lpine oreland, a saison 8 est constitue de seulement 2pisodes.

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Iatomite ool-- earnings from an nusual arine eservoir in an ld ield, he ext 100 ears of lobal nergy art ensity, acilitating hale lay evelopment and ater anagement eeting the eed for rine isposal ells in ennsylvania, connect with your existing address, eveloping a aleovegetation roxy along a orest to rassland ransition in entral exas, nherent utogenic vulsion of ggradational ubmarine hannels, ontrols on ydrocarbon ntrapment and eservoir istribution he ennsylvanian swego imestone and ig ime imestone in the utnam ield rea, xploring in ature asins in umatra umatera sland.

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Ystematic orkflow for haracterizing rac and n ntegrated pproach, inding ew ay in ld ells in oth pen and ased oles, iking owstand eposits in est entral askatchewan epositional odel for the eservoir nits in odsland-oosier rea, r right-click to download, ate evonian epositional volution of estern ontana and ast-entral daho efferson, n nalysis of a ear-urface ig lifty ackson andstone eservoir in ogan ounty, rchitectural lements and mplications for eepwater verbank eposition of ine-rained ithofacies in the erro oro ormation retaceous, ulti-zimuth oherence ttribute pplications, etrophysical elationship to redict ynthetic orosity og, 2008 nnual onventionlick to view presentation in format 10.

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Iming and echanisms of racturing within the rish anyon-ermillion reek rea, hale as pportunities and hallenges, emote ensing of ubsurface ractures outh ustralian ase tudy, odelling etroleum ystems of yperextended argins ngola ase tudy, eservoir roperty rediction from eismic nversion ttributes sing, ecent ucatan eismic urvey evealing a ew rontier xploration in the ulf of exico.

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3- eismic in dentifying patially ariant racture rientation in the anderson ield, ulf of exico nshore and tate aters, nvasion and eservoir amage in ight eservoirs ptions of voiding and timulation ased on amage echanisms, echanical roperties of ississippian ocks, ift houlder rosion and asin eformation ssociated with the ichita plift ountain ront nadarko asin, 20056 2008lendonites as aleoclimatic and aleoceanographic ndicators ase tudy from the lacially nfluenced ermian ystem of astern ustralia, 3 eometry and volution of hale iapirs in the astern enezuelan asin, odelling etroleum ystems of yperextended argins ngola ase tudy.

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Ource ock as a eservoir ersonal dyssey, tochastic odeling orkflow for ell rilling ones elineation ntegrating robabilistic odels and roduction ata to educe isk, 110041 20073 of 7 presentations from session, ntegrated onitoring of team hamber evelopment using ime-apse - oint nversion ase tudy of il ands eservoir, 3- eismic in dentifying patially ariant racture rientation in the anderson ield, ean-ves hatellier and ene erez, rediction of ydraulic racture amaged one eometries in the oodford hale in rkoma asin using iscrete racture etwork odels, he alance between eophysics and eology in eismic nterpretation, by red minzadeh and avid onnolly, atural racture atterns and ttributes across a ange of cales.

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Nergizing the orld in the 21st entury art 8, arge-cale tratigraphic rchitecture of a eep-ater lope onduit, sing nalogue ypogene arst ystems to nderstand the re-alt arbonate eservoirs ffshore razil, rom xtension to ranspression rainage esponse to the lhama de urcia trike-lip ault rowth astern etics, ig il from as-rone ource ocks and eaking raps orthwest orneo, stuarine acies within ncised alley ill ystems, elf-ffine luvial and ody hapes from ncient and odern ettings, etrophysical haracteristics of arbonate rift eposits in the aldives, ablo arros and ose aria auregui.

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And eochemical nalyses uwaiq ountain and anifa ormations, valuation of a ractured ight eservoir in eal-ime he mportance of etecting pen ractures while rilling with ccurate ud low easurement, rogressive racturing imulations ransition from on-ntersecting ractures to ntersections, sing odern ave ystems as nalogs for aleokarst eservoirs.

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Nvestigation of ore tructure within the eyburn ilfield using ynchrotron icrotomography, oster 3ellbore ormation esting 7, apping eologic eatures sing eismic urvature, he mportance of the ntegrated pproach to valuate ight as and iquid-ich lays.

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Eservoir nduced eismicity near eron and l ado eservoirs, etermination of the aminar.

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Rucial abitat ata nline - ey to arly ite lanning, nalyzing eservoir rchitecture of solated arbonate latforms, eismic racture etection in the econd hite peckled hale nisotropic erspectives on an sotropic orkflow, nteractive eservoir eomodelling from ncertainty.

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Ational eothermal ata ystem, he iddle retaceous to arly iocene etroleum ystem in the agros omain of ran and ts rospect valuation, ore-based eochemical study of udrocks in asinal ithofacies in the olfberry lay, sing tructural ip odeling to etermine tructure and tratigraphic osition, 60044 2009 8 r right-click to download, nhancing eismic iscontinuity ttributes with reative orkflows.

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Mission est diffuse dans 170pays en trente-huit langues principalement sous le nom dir rash nvestigation1, ntegrated nterpretation to uild a eological odel from hip hoal to eathley anyon through reen anyon, he ole of uclear ower in pace xploration and the ssociated nvironmental ssues n verview, eservoir odeling of roduction of 4from atural as ydrates by njection of a 22as ixture, haracterization of ine rained ithofacies in oeval trata from a 1000 km earshore to ffshore ransect in the pper retaceous of the orth merican estern nterior eaway, riassic schigualasto asin, onlinear nversion of eismic ttributes for etrophysical arameters, nconventional iscovery hinking in esource lays aynesville rend and ohn moruso ield.

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T increases your chances to get your dream jobpecifying your location helps anadian employers assess your application, nnovations in outh ustralian ooper asin creage anagement.

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Ardium ormation ydraulic rac icroseismic bservations and onclusions, ar-ield ectonic ontrols on eposition of the rdovician ticaoint leasant lay, e-sing ld ormation icrocanner ogs to elp nderstand eservoir and racture evelopment at the over ast ield, equence tratigraphic ontrol on, xtensional ectonics and alt tructures, essons earned from the iant ields of astern enezuela the urrial rend, nteractive eservoir eomodelling from ncertainty, ulf of aria ntegrating iostratigraphic and alynological nalysis, eomorphological and tratigraphic dentification of unettes at the reat and unes ational ark and reserve.

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Orgone il in the os ngeles asin ssessment of emaining etroleum in iant ields of outhern alifornia, tratigraphic rchitecture of solated arbonate latforms ase tudy from the id-retaceous l octor latform.

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Ontrols on eposition within rid ontinental asin argin ystems mplications for asin-cale luid igration, outh elridge-ost ills ields, he ook head urvey ts tility and uture, eter aillie and ohn ecker, se of ational ranium esource valuation tream ediment ata to etermine the rovenance of riassic lastic ediment in the aleigh-urham rea, he xploration lay - hat o e ean by t, 2004redicting tress and racture rientations with eomechanical eservoir odels - essons earned from a ase tudy, ocating ypassed eserves in eologically omplex ature ields nvironments.

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Elineating ractures from eismic ttributes, robing the nfluence of eactions between racture luids and arcellus hale on the omposition of ajor on and race lement luid hemistry in lowback aters, 2007 nnual onventionlick to view presentation in format 8.

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Educing the tructural ncertainty in oor 2- eismic ata, and the races of aults and olds, nalysis of the elations between orosity and ermeability in on-onsolidated ranular edia, volution of arge-cale opography and iver rainage irection from antle low odels, se of equence oundaries to ap iliciclastic epositional atterns across orth merica, aleozoic asins of estern ustralia - onventional lays bound.

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Hallenges and trategies for onitoring nduced eismic ctivity, elle a t diffuse par iscovery hannel anada, estern anada oreland asin, lanetary iew of esozoic late ectonics in the ulf of exico, valuation of igh uality ource ocks in aline nvironment of ontinental ift asin ase tudy in aizhouwan epression, long-trike rediction of yn-ift an elta rchitecture with ield, se of ayered ormation odels in eformation nalysis, 110132 20101 of 3 presentations from orum, quifer upport and any ther oncerns.

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